Free Amazon Prime Account Username Password 2020

Are you searching for free amazon prime account username and password 2020. If you are looking for amazon prime accounts you are in the right place. You know better that Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers great advantages when using the world’s most famous online shopping platform. Despite having been reluctant for a long time to use this service, in the end I decided to do it and the truth is that today it has become an essential tool for me.

Although at the beginning I acquired it thinking exclusively about the speed at the time of receiving the orders and the brutal saving in shipping costs, currently I use it for many more things, especially to watch exclusive movies and series from my tablet and also to Listen to thousands of songs without having to endure publicity.

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If you have come here because you have doubts about whether or not this service is worth it, I will tell you how to get Amazon Prime for free for the necessary period so you can try and decide for yourself ?

What is Amazon Prime?

It is an exclusive service that provides a large number of additional benefits with respect to the free account that most users have, such as the delivery of products without shipping costs or the speed of delivery of orders. Great advantages that you can take advantage of  Free Amazon Prime Account in 2020.

The cost of this service is 36 euros per year or € 4.99 per month , although you can try it for free for a month without any commitment or obligation of permanence. There is also a trick to increase this trial period to 60 days and even have it almost free forever (we’ll see later).

On a particular level I have been using this service for about two years and I can assure you that it is really worth it. Now you will find out why. You can also enjoy free netflix account, spotify account, free chegg premium account and also free brazzers account in this blogsite too. 

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Amazon Prime exclusive benefits

From the beginning until now the number of advantages that Amazon Prime has been offering has grown dramatically. Although it is true that the price of this subscription has also been increasing, the cost / benefit ratio has improved significantly. There are services that are worth much more separately.

Apart from the best known advantages ( free shipping and much faster delivery times), there are many others that you may not know and may interest you. They are the following:

•   Prime Photos : Cloud storage service (such as OneDrive or Google Photos) with  5 GB of space to store all your photos and images.

•   Prime Video : A service of series, movies and documentaries in streaming. Similar services like Netflix cost 8 euros per month and here you can access the entire catalog (including exclusive series) totally free ?

•   Amazon Pantry : This exclusive service allows you to buy supermarket products (food, drink, beauty, personal care, home, pets, etc.) at very low prices.

•   Prime Reading : A large selection of electronic books divided into various themes to enjoy reading from your Amazon Kindle. My wife (who loves reading) uses it a lot.

•   Prime Music : Streaming music (similar to Spotify) with more than 2 million songs available for free listening. You can download them at any time and enjoy them without having an Internet connection.

Other extra Amazon Prime services

•   Discounts : Access to exclusive products and offers, such as those launched on Prime Day. If you’re attentive, you can get real bargains ?

•   Prime Now : If you live in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and the surrounding area, you can receive your orders in one hour or in a maximum of two hours. These super fast shipments are available from 8 in the morning until midnight.

•   Twitch Prime : Enjoy this famous streaming channel to watch video game gameplays without advertising and with other advantages such as the possibility of obtaining free games on a regular basis.

How to get Free Amazon Prime Account ?

Then I will show you the different ways to acquire Free Amazon Prime Account. They are the following:

•   1 Month trial : It’s as simple as accessing the official website and registering. You must indicate a credit card to finish the process, although before the end of the 30 days you can unsubscribe and in no case will you pay anything.

•   60-day trial: If after the first 30 days you decide to unsubscribe (below I explain how to do it), you will get a new option to extend the trial period by 1 month. It is a good way to analyze all services for more than enough time to help you make a final decision ?

•   Promotions : On certain occasions and on the occasion of special offers, some companies offer Amazon Prime service for free when purchasing any of their products or services. An example of this has been Vodafone, which for a time gave a year of free subscription when hiring one of its unlimited rates.

•   Multi-accounts : Amazon does not put any problem when creating several accounts from the same IP, yes, you will have to create them in the name of different people (parents, siblings, boyfriends, etc.) and with a valid card number and different each time. Every time you finish a trial period, you open another account and you’re done.

What if I want the free amazon prime service forever?

At this point, you may be wondering if there is any way to get free amazon prime account forver, isn’t it? Well let me tell you that unfortunately it does not exist, although there is a method that is very close to it.

It’s about sharing the same account among several friends or family, it’s that easy. As you probably know, Amazon allows you to include multiple credit cards and shipping addresses in the same account, something very useful to take advantage of this method.

Without going any further, one of my best friends has been using this system for a couple of years with his whole family. As you can see in the image above, a lot of cards are linked (in total it has 10, each from a different person).

Everyone knows the password to access the account and can place their orders individually, having to pay attention only to change the address and payment method before finalizing the purchase ?

How to cancel the free trial period Amazon Prime?

If for any reason the Amazon Prime service does not convince you or does not meet your expectations, you can unsubscribe at any time without any problem, both in the trial period and in the subscription period.

To do so, you simply have to go to the “My Amazon Prime subscription” menu and press the “End my subscription and benefits” button. Finally, on the cancellation page click on Finish my advantages .

If you are still in the 1 Month trial period when doing this step, you will see how you get the option to extend another 30 days as I have shown you in the tricks above.

If at any time you want to re-hire the service, you can do it as the first time but without having the advantage of 30 + 30 days of free trial, since only new users or those who have never had it can benefit from this period previously enjoyed

My strategy to make the most of this service

Apart from all the advantages that you have seen so far, there is an additional one that most people do not know and that allows you to take advantage of this premium service in a spectacular way. It’s about getting cards and gift vouchers to buy on Amazon for free.

How do you get it? Very easy, through a multitude of pages that pay through this payment method: paid survey panels, online task platforms, mobile applications and some more. You simply have to register, perform the relevant tasks and achieve the minimum withdrawal.

Thanks to this system you can achieve two things: on the one hand, get a balance to buy any product and with it get it much cheaper and even free , and on the other, thanks to Amazon Prime you will be avoiding shipping costs. Round business! ?

Is it really worth Amazon Prime?

If you are a regular shopper in this online store, Amazon Prime service is definitely worth it, I say it from my own experience. Apart from the speed of receiving orders, the savings in shipping costs after twelve months is spectacular. In my particular case, it has meant about € 100 in the last year ?

As for all the extra services that have been incorporated during these last years, the truth is that they are all very interesting and you can take advantage of them, especially if you like series, music, photography and reading.

Now, all these services are only profitable if you are really going to make online purchases, since the sum of the whole set is what makes it the best online subscription today. In the case that you do not like to buy online, my opinion is that it is not worth your purchase.

However, the possibility of trying Amazon Prime for free for 30 days without any commitment is a good opportunity to draw your own conclusions and decide for yourself. If it does not convince you for whatever reason, you cancel the subscription and voila. You have already seen that it is very easy to do so and does not imply any obligation. If you love to have a free brazzers login you can check our every blog post.

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